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Old windows are often rendered useless upon removal from a home’s opening during a window replacement project. After all, they ought to end up in landfills especially if the frames are too battered and the glass is missing. However, these past-their-prime fixtures exude an appeal that’s too hard not to ignore. In fact, they can be reused again, this time for a variety of purposes.

Woodbridge Home Exteriors, the local source of replacement windows and exterior doors, offers some cool upcycling ideas for your old windows.

Upcycling Ideas for Your Old Windows

Makeshift Pergola

Do you have a garden that requires a feature that will stand out? With the help of basic framing, you can stack old frames together to make an innovative pergola that will surely dominate the entire space. This structure will be eye-catching once it is filled with crawling plants and vines. To give the frames a beautiful vibe, use different sizes of such and paint them using a variety of colors.

Miniature Greenhouse

Fitting the old frames of multiple windows together to form a box opens up a lot of possibilities, one of which is a mini greenhouse. It doesn’t have to take a lot of do-it-yourself skills to do this project, but once it’s done, you’ll be satisfied with the results. It can be placed just about anywhere, whether in your patio, yard, front porch, or any area of the home that receives sunlight.


Lining up used windows and doors makes interesting fencing for your outdoor perimeter. Utilizing vintage-looking fixtures, you can build one with minimal effort, resulting in a structure that imparts a beautiful, rustic charm. The wooden pieces can be sealed to prevent rot from spreading throughout the fence.

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