Vinyl windows are one of the most durable things that will ever be installed in your home. Not only are they durable but they are also low-maintenance. New techniques in vinyl manufacturing have made vinyl the choice to beat in American homes due to these properties.

Don’t go thinking that vinyl is indestructible, though. You need to care for your vinyl windows to make them last longer. Woodbridge Home Exteriors shows you how in this blog post.

Mind Your Equipment

As mentioned, vinyl is incredibly low-maintenance, and so are vinyl window frames. A detergent diluted in water is often enough to clean them once in a while. For more hardcore cleaning, however, you may need a tougher solution, such as vinegar and water. Mix 7 parts of water with 3 parts of vinegar for this purpose.

If you’re buying a cleaning solution off-the-shelf, though, steer clear from cleaners with acids or strong solvents, as they may compromise the special coating on energy efficient windows. It’s also a good idea to find one that complies with environmental regulations.

For your cleaning material itself, a non-abrasive cloth is best for vinyl frames and the panes themselves. Dirt in between seams can be taken out with a soft bristle brush.

Cleaning Technique

A long-handled brush is perfect for exterior cleaning. You can use a garden hose to rinse the lather, taking care to douse it from top to bottom.

Operable windows can be cleaned much more easily. In this case, swing them outside (where you won’t be in danger of accidentally spilling your cleaning mixture onto your interior furniture) where you can clean them as you normally would, then dry them with a clean piece of cloth.

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