Window installation takes more than just top-of-the-line products to make it a success and ensure long-term benefits for your home. Equally important in the equation is the expertise of the installer. That is why you should get to know your contractor and make sure they are capable of delivering excellent workmanship.

Woodbridge Home Exteriors, a trusted expert in windows and patio doors, lists some of the common errors that a good window installer will help you avoid.

Wrong Size of Jambs

If your windows already have the jambs attached, a reliable installer will ask you to add to the width of the jambs if the finished surface of your interior walls are plaster, tongue and groove, or any material thicker than half an inch of drywall. The same rule should be applied if you are installing windows onto sheathing that is thicker than 7/16 of an inch.

Poor Installation of Flashing

Before applying the flashing tapes and membranes, a good installer will clean the window sills and wipe off moisture in order to improve their adherence to the surface. Moreover, they will take note of the manufacturer’s guidelines so as to ensure the right conditions in applying these tapes and membranes. Some types of tapes and membranes do not adhere to cold weather, so you and your contractor should check for this information when installing windows.

Dirty Hands

This may seem inconsequential, but a pair of dirty hands can stain or smear foam and sealant on the finished parts of your window. This kind of dirt is usually difficult to remove, so you’ll find that good window installers typically wear gloves when applying foam and sealant.

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