The popularity of vinyl replacement windows has steadily grown over the last few decades as manufacturers continue to improve their products. Today’s vinyl windows offer Dallas homeowners exceptional performance, versatility, and beauty. What’s more, even high-end vinyl windows are often more affordable than other options such as wood or fiberglass. With advantages like these, it’s little wonder why millions of homes across the nation are now outfitted with vinyl replacement windows.

These Are a Few of the Most Popular Options Dallas Homeowners Choose for Their Vinyl Replacement Windows

In addition to standard features such as frames that are impervious to moisture and insect damage, sashes that tilt inward on double-hung models for easy cleaning, and sloped sills that allow rainwater to drain off instead of pooling, our premium vinyl windows are also available with a number of optional features that further enhance their performance. The most popular of these include:

High-Performance Glass Packages

Since vinyl is a poor thermal conductor, vinyl replacement windows naturally hinder the transfer of heat through the frame. To maximize the windows’ energy efficiency, many homeowners opt for high-performance glass packages that feature three panes of glass rather than the standard two. The space between the panels is often filled with an inert gas – usually argon or krypton – that is heavier than air and thus less thermally conductive. The combination of these features creates a highly effective barrier that prevents heat from leeching inside during warm months or outside during cold ones.

Low-Emissivity Coatings

Emissivity describes a material’s ability to transmit thermal energy. Low-emissivity (low-E) coatings block out a large percentage of both infrared and ultraviolet light. Infrared light is the primary mechanism for heat transfer, so preventing this kind of light from passing through the glass will keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Ultraviolet light is responsible for color fading in sun-exposed fabrics such as curtains and carpets, so blocking out this light will help keep your furnishings vibrant.

Between-the-Glass Grids

Many traditional windows feature panes that are divided by muntins into decorative grids. While this can provide an added visual element, it also makes cleaning the windows more difficult since dividers result in added ridges, corners, and glass surfaces. Between-the-glass muntins create the same appealing look without physically dividing the panes into separate pieces, so you’ll be able to easily clean them.

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