If you’re like most homeowners, once you purchase those shiny new windows, you want them installed immediately! But what should you expect from professional window installers. Here are a few tips to make life easier for you and your friendly window installer.

Professional Windows Installation Made Simple

These tips can help you understand what to expect from your window installer, and give you ideas to make life easier on your installer while they are working in your home:

  • The window installer should touch base and give any specific instructions prior to the date of installation.
  • Move things away from the area around your windows. Push your furniture to the center of the room and rmove small items from windowsills.
  • Make sure the installer places dropcloths in your home underneath the window area. This prevents a major debris cleanup later.
  • Touch base with the window installer when he or she arrives, and do a walk through the house. Your house windows installation might involve a crew, rather than one person. If that’s the case, be sure to speak with the foreman.
  • They are professionals; they know what they are doing. However, if you leave the property, stay close to a phone so they can contact you at any time with questions or concerns.
  • Make sure and do a walkthrough at the completion of the job with your installer if you see any problems during the walkthrough in most circumstances the issue can be resolved immediately.
  • And as with any large project make sure kids and pets are kept safely away from the work areas.