A harmonious home exterior design doesn’t depend on the charm of a single element only; it’s attained with the healthy balance of different details coexisting beautifully. There are different paths to achieve it, but Woodbridge Home Exteriors believes these are the most promising ones to take:

Ways to Achieve a Harmonious Home Exterior Design

Learning the Rules

Lesson number one is to understand the history of your home’s style. Some architectural periods can be restrictive when it comes to exterior siding colors and window styles. In historic neighborhoods, homeowners can have little latitude in designing properties.

If such rules exist and you’re allowed to break them, think twice before you depart from the norm. Traditions outlast trends all the time. Homes that remain fashionable for extended periods tend to comply with architectural customs.

Drawing Inspiration From Nature

Visual harmony doesn’t only apply to tying complementary design elements, but it’s also about meshing seamlessly with the environment. Experienced home siding contractors, including Woodbridge Home Exteriors, believe it’s imperative to allude to natural hues. Otherwise, your home might stand out for the wrong reasons.

When there’s no dominant feature in the landscapes, pay attention to the amount of sun you normally get in your area. Cheery colors feel at home in sunny regions, while pastels feel natural in snowy or colder regions.

Taking Cues From Neighbors

Any siding repair and replacement specialist will advise you to look beyond your yard when forming your home exterior color palette. Neighboring homes can be excellent sources of ideas and prime examples of bad visual concepts.

Also, notice if there’s any theme on your block. While individuality matters to turn your home into the envy of the neighborhood, blatant disregard for surrounding properties won’t produce positive results on many levels. Your home could be accused of being the odd one out, which could potentially hurt its value.

Creating a harmonious home exterior design can be tricky, so don’t proceed without Woodbridge Home Exteriors to get things right. Call us at (316) 226-8011 now to discuss your siding, window, and door projects and receive a no-obligation, free estimate in Salina or Hutchinson, KS.