Vinyl isn’t a set-and-forget siding material. It doesn’t require regular painting and is impervious to moisture, but it needs care and attention every now and then.

Vinyl Siding: Maintenance Do’s and Don’ts

To maintain your vinyl siding system properly, Woodbridge Home Exteriors recommends these do’s and don’ts:

Do: Wash Once a Year

Make sure your siding gets washed once every 12 months. Use soapy water and a soft brush to get rid of any dirt buildup. You might need a car-wash brush with a long handle and a high-pressure hose to wash areas beyond your reach. If you live in a community with terrible air pollution, you might need to clean your siding more frequently.

Don’t: Stop at Cleaning

Experienced siding companies, including Woodbridge Home Exteriors, agree that cursory inspection should ensue after cleaning. It’s imperative to spot signs of structural damage as early as possible to head off chronic water infiltration.

For a thorough assessment, leave the job to a crew of professionals. Experts will check every single seam and the joint between siding panels and trim pieces to identify worn-out caulk. Small cracks, holes, and tears don’t go unnoticed by someone with a trained eye.

Do: Trim Shrubbery

Vinyl is durable, but it can be prone to abrasion. If you have lush shrubs planted too close to your home’s exterior walls, trim them to keep their long branches from rubbing against your siding. When done in a timely manner, pruning bushes stimulates healthy plant growth.

Don’t: Leave Siding Uncovered During Home Improvements

The discoloration is one of the culprits behind premature vinyl siding replacement. Sealants, stains, and other substances, like wet concrete, can ruin the charm and character of vinyl for good. Harsh chemicals, such as herbicides and insecticides, are also bad news to the material. Covering adjacent siding panels ahead of your home project matters.

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