siding for energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is one of the things that homeowners are always in pursuit of. Great energy efficiency often happens because of a combination of several factors, but it’s usually thanks to insulation. And siding, as it turns out, is one of the components of your home that has insulation built in. Or, at least, the more modern ones.

Woodbridge Home Exteriors, your siding installation pro, elaborates how siding can influence your home’s overall energy efficiency.


You can define R-value as the ability of a material to resist heat flow. Materials that conduct heat have a low R-value. In the case of insulation, you should look for materials with high R-values. This allows heat inside your home not to leak out during winter (and keeps heat out in summer), which makes your interior temperature more stable.

A more manageable interior temperature means your heating and cooling unit doesn’t have to work harder just to provide you with your desired temperature. The result is a more energy-efficient home, according to most siding companies.

Siding Choice

When insulating your home, you should always try to find the material with the highest possible R-value for that component. Couple this with a dark siding color for maximum energy savings. For siding, materials with at least an R-value of 13 are decent; in fact, most building codes in the United States require an R-13 value. If you can, siding with R-15 to R-18 values will also offer significant energy savings.

Materials with at least an R-13 value include vinyl, which we at Woodbridge Home Exteriors can install for you. Steel and aluminum with foam insulation can also have similar levels of R-value, but they require additional foam insulation just to reach the minimum requirement.

Worn-Out Siding

Broken or siding in disrepair may just let heat in (or out, depending on the season). Siding repair experts like Woodbridge Home Exteriors caution against ignoring siding maintenance, as it may prove costly in the long run.

Good siding maintenance is a requisite to a consistent energy envelope around your home. If you think your siding needs a touch-up, don’t hesitate to call a siding specialist like us.

Your siding deserves to be touched only by the Lone Star State’s top siding pro, Woodbridge Home Exteriors. Call us today at (800) 728-3502 for more information on how we can help improve your home’s energy efficiency. We serve Levelland and Dallas, TX.


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