Siding does more than just add color and texture to your home’s exterior but it also helps protect your home from the elements. Therefore, the local climate plays an important role when choosing new siding for your home. Siding and window company Woodbridge Home Exteriors takes a closer look at how climate affects your siding choices.

Siding Replacement: How Climate Affects Your Siding Choices

Protective Layer

Instead of thinking of siding as a separate component, think of it as a part of the armor, a bigger system that includes the roof. This protective layer helps reduce the impact of penetrating weather, constant exposure to sunlight, and damage from airborne debris and sudden gusts of wind. It should work together with the exterior wall in providing equal measures of insulation and protection from problems such as moisture intrusion.

Siding Materials

A manufacturer may offer their products nationwide, but it doesn’t mean they are offering the exact same product across all locations. Just like vinyl replacement windows, you can have vinyl siding on your home whether you live in frigid conditions up north or in warm conditions here in the south. Vinyl siding sold locally is designed not to warp or crack under extreme heat.

By contrast, vinyl siding sold elsewhere has a slight elasticity that helps prevent brittleness during extremely cold months. If you are considering siding materials other than vinyl, make sure it is designed for use in the local climate.

Additional Features

Siding is more than just a layer of vinyl on your home. Certain vinyl siding products feature an insulated layer that complements the exterior wall insulation. During hot weather, this can help reduce the heat that’s absorbed through the wall. This, in turn, helps reduce the need for your air conditioning system to compensate for the temperature difference, resulting in lower monthly energy costs. Light-colored siding improves on this feature by being able to reflect sunlight, which further reduces heat absorption.

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