insulated vinyl siding

Are you planning on residing your current home, or are you selecting siding for a new one? No matter what siding product you choose, there will not be a better time to add insulation to the exterior of your home than when you have new siding installed.

Installing insulation under your new siding will not only help to reduce your energy costs but also improves the appearance of your new siding, helps to protect your home from damage, makes it more comfortable, and so much more!

How well does insulated siding work?

  • Reduces your energy consumption, providing energy savings
  • Provides moisture management
  • Protecting your home from mold, mildew, and rot
  • Protects your home against pests, such as termites

How will insulated siding make my home look?

  • Forces panels to be installed perfectly every time for straighter lines and symmetry
  • Reduces wavy, uneven wall lines by leveling the wall under your new siding

How will insulated siding affect my standard of living?

  • Creates more comfortable indoor temperatures without increasing your utility bills
  • Reduces warm and cold spots in the home

Is insulated siding environmentally friendly??

  • Composed of natural materials
  • Saves natural resources, such as energy and carbon
  • Can contribute to green building program certifications

How much will insulated siding cost, and what value will it bring?

  • Reduces your energy bills as long as it is on your home
  • Insulation products can be eligible for tax credits and rebates
  • Increase the value of your home for future sale, providing a return on investment
  • Adding exterior insulation is never more affordable than when you are residing!
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