Harsh weather events can severely damage different parts of your home. You may even need a siding or window replacement. Keep in mind that not addressing the damage immediately can only make the problem worse.

Here are tips for dealing with siding damage after a storm.

What to Look For

Only go outside once the conditions are safe. Walk around your property and look for signs of siding damage. For vinyl and fiber cement siding, the usual signs of damage include cracking, chipping and breakage. If you have wood siding, check for paint chips, cracks and discoloration. Often, severe rain or hailstorm can leave black marks on the paint.

Know Your Coverage

Go through your insurance policy to determine what it covers. When you understand your coverage, you can get the best deal within it. For instance, your insurance company may cover for the cost of your siding replacement even if only a certain area has been affected by the storm.

File a Claim

Before filing a claim, obtain at least three estimates from different siding companies. Doing so will give you an idea of the cost of your siding replacement or repair. Usually, your insurer and contractor will give similar quotes.

Moreover, you should contact your individual insurance agent instead of the insurance company. Your agent will help you decide whether you should file a claim or not. Filing multiple claims within just a few years can cause your insurer to deny your claim.

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