Your home’s exterior doesn’t take any days off when it comes to keeping you safe and protected from the elements. However, constant exposure to strong winds, rain, and harmful UV rays are bound to take its toll on your siding. This fall season, don’t forget to show your siding some well-deserved TLC.

In this article, siding installation company Woodbridge Home Exteriors shares a few tips and tricks you can use when caring for your siding this autumn.

Clean the Surface

A clean siding surface makes spotting damage and any sign of disrepair easier. Even if your siding is in prime condition, it still needs to be cleaned to ensure that it will protect you and your home as it should. You can use the ever-reliable water and liquid dishwashing soap mixture to clean dirt off your siding, but you can also use specially formulated cleaning solutions for tougher stains and other impurities like grime, mold, and mildew.

Avoid using a pressure washer as this can do more harm than good. If you must wash your siding, the garden hose will suffice.

Inspect Every Inch

Your siding has to be in good condition if you want it to survive the coming cold months. Perform your siding inspections now while the weather is still agreeable so you have time to schedule siding repair services should your home’s exterior need it. Caulk the gaps between where your siding where it meets the doors and windows to avoid air leaks and ensure optimal energy efficiency.

Consider an Upgrade

If you’re considering a siding replacement, the fall season is a good time as any to schedule it. Don’t wait until the frost comes in and all the reputable siding contractors are fully booked for the season. Some cladding materials expand and contract when it’s too hot or too cold, so autumn is the best time for any installation or replacement projects. 

Woodbridge Home Exteriors is one of the top siding companies in the area. We offer high-quality vinyl siding that will remain beautiful and sturdy no matter the season. Call us today at (800) 728-3502 to request a quote. We serve Levelland and Dallas, TX.


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