The soffits and the fascia are highly overlooked, but their importance cannot be overstated in terms of keeping your home dry and secure. These components may not look much and are exceptionally unassuming, but they play a major role in keeping your roof’s performance at a peak state.

Woodbridge Home Exteriors, your friendly vinyl siding company, explains what they are and what they can do.

What They Are and What They Do

In simple terms, soffits are boards, often made of wood, that forms the underside of your roof’s eaves. You may see these having lines of vents or holes in them, which allow hot air trapped in the attic or the roof to be released and thus avoid cooking your roof from the inside out.

Meanwhile, the fascia is what most people call the “roofline.” These are the boards fitted vertically on the ends of rafters, which act as the edges of the roof. Gutters are usually placed on the fascias, so a weak or rotted fascia would likely facilitate the collapse of the gutter.

Taken together, they don’t just round out your home’s exterior; they have practical uses too. Apart from preventing structural damage as explained above, soffits and fascia also help keep pests out. In addition, they also assist in keeping moisture damage to the roof and attic to a minimum by way of supporting the gutters and ventilation.

Keeping Your Soffits and Fascia in Top Shape

Most siding companies, ours included, can also look at the state of your soffits and fascias and can offer some advice. If you find mold and mildew growth on your soffit, for example, you can use a broom dipped in a cleaning solution (such as bleach and water) to clean it.

Bees and wasps often make their hives underneath the soffits. In this case, call a professional to remove them; don’t do it by yourself.

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