The construction season has seen a lot of large sliding glass door installations. Whether remodeling or building new homes, homeowners have shown a strong preference for this type of door.

In this article, Woodbridge Home Exteriors, a reputable contractor offering quality doors and replacement windows, lists three reasons why sliding glass doors are among the biggest design trends this season.

They Suit Traditional or Contemporary Home Designs

Versatility is one of the most outstanding qualities of sliding glass doors. Whether you want to keep the old-fashioned style of your home or create a modern and minimalistic design, sliding glass doors can complement a range of materials to create the look you want.

They Are Energy-Efficient

You probably hear about energy-efficient windows all the time. And if you already have these windows in your home, you might want to further maximize your energy savings by getting a sliding glass door. Sliding glass doors perform well in warmer and colder climates. By bringing in natural light and fresh air, this type of door can help reduce your energy consumption. During colder temperatures, it can allow heat to transfer into your home lowering your heating costs.

They Are Cheaper Than Building Up or Out

Adding space to your home by building up or out can be an expensive project. But if you’re not really looking to make your floor space significantly larger, you might want to consider installing sliding glass doors instead. Large door openings usually make rooms look more spacious without adding height to your home or extending a room outwards.

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