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Regardless if it is caused by severe weather or a baseball, a broken window must be given immediate attention. For one, the broken bits and shards of glass pose a safety hazard to you and anyone in your home. Also, the shattered glass exposes your interior to the elements, compromising your home’s comfort and energy efficiency.

Woodbridge Home Solutions, your local provider of vinyl window repair, discusses things you can and should do in case of a broken window in your home.

Ensure Safety First

Before dealing with this problem, be sure to secure the area around where the broken window is. Keep your children and pets as far away from it as possible. That way, you eliminate the risk of them wandering over and possibly incurring injuries.

Then, get yourself equipped for the job by putting on protective wear. Gloves used for gardening or carpentry work well to prevent cuts on your hands. The size of the glass bits and pieces, when combined with how transparent they are, renders them practically invisible. Wear shoes or slippers, so you don’t step on them.

Apply Temporary Fixes

The fact that a broken window poses a hazard requires you to apply some temporary fixes right away:

  1. First, clean up and dispose of all broken glass in the area. Gently ease out glass shards still attached to the borders.
  2. Then, use clean plastic to cover the damage. Duct tape or masking tape can also be used as an alternative.
  3. Do the same if the window is broken but is still in one piece.

Of course, you shouldn’t hold off calling a professional when dealing with this problem. For this, you’d want to pursue someone with experience installing replacement windows. A new window unit makes sense as an investment because it boosts your home’s aesthetic and function. A repair may only fix the problem on the surface, but it can lessen its potential to ensure minimal heat transfer and better energy efficiency.

Contact a Professional

At Woodbridge Home Solutions, we offer high-performance windows with triple-paned glass and other energy-saving features that help keep your indoor air at a comfortable temperature. They are also virtually maintenance-free and highly resistant to damage, with a superior transferable warranty covering glass breakage and lifetime labor.

Contact us today for new siding, doors, and vinyl windows in Dallas, TX. Our home exterior experts at Woodbridge can meet you for a free in-home consultation to help you decide which remodeling solutions are best for your needs.


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