Natural lighting is a great benefit to have while inside the home. As you take advantage of the sunlight streaming through your windows, you get to lower your usage of electricity for many hours. Not only that, but you also get to make your room look more spacious.

Ways on Cooling Down Your Room That Faces the Sun

However, it has its downsides. In particular, the room may feel a bit hot like the outdoors. Good thing there are various design and functional elements that can be implemented to cool it down whenever the sun shines directly toward it. Woodbridge Home Exteriors, one of the top local window and home siding contractors, shares them in today’s blog post.

Installing Window Treatments

Curtains, drapes and other window treatments are used to cover windows during periods of direct sunlight. Those with light colors or have reflective backing are perfect since they bounce off sunlight rather than absorb it.

Replacing Siding

Your exterior siding contributes to your home’s energy efficiency. The insulated vinyl variant can be installed on your home’s exterior walls to ensure indoor comfort. It is worth the investment since it is rigid and can withstand the elements, including intense heat from the sun.

Dealing with Humidity

Humid air can make the room feel warmer. Reduce humidity levels using a dehumidifier. Bringing some potted plants into your room will also suffice.

Replacing Windows

When window treatments are not an option, you may pursue a window replacement instead. Energy-efficient window units that have low-emissivity (low-E) glass and multiple glazing help reduce the sun’s heat without affecting visible light. With this investment, you lower your HVAC usage, leading to better energy savings.

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