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Vinyl windows remain one of the best window replacement options, thanks to their wide selection of colors and styles and their low maintenance requirements. Despite its popularity, myths about vinyl windows still float around. Woodbridge Home Solutions debunks common myths about vinyl windows.

MYTH: Vinyl Windows Only Come in Neutral Colors

As a manufactured material, vinyl can be made into virtually any color. This is one of the main advantages of vinyl windows—they’re the same color through and through. Quality vinyl siding is available in vibrant colors that won’t easily fade under the sun. It also won’t ever require scraping and repainting throughout its lifespan, which can save you the cost of painting supplies or professional painting.

MYTH: Vinyl Windows Won’t Result In Savings

Windows, particularly traditional ones, are regarded as a major contributor to heat loss. This is because glass is a natural conductor. Since traditional windows are equipped with single-pane glass, they readily conduct heat, which results in heat loss during cold days and heat gain during hot days. The HVAC system would then pump out conditioned air to compensate for the difference, resulting in costly energy bills.

Modern vinyl windows are equipped with multi-pane glass and insulated cores. Both of these help minimize heat conduction, resulting in energy savings.

MYTH: Vinyl Windows Are Only Available in Certain Styles

This is perhaps due to the off-the-shelf replacement windows on sale in hardware stores. These prefabricated units have limitations in size, color, and available styles. Vinyl replacement windows offered by contractors like us have more flexibility. You can choose the style, shape, and color you want; we offer specialty window styles so you can pick the exact window style that your home needs.

MYTH: Vinyl Windows Are Not Recyclable

Vinyl and polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, is a type of plastic that can be melted down and safely recycled. Many of today’s vinyl products, including vinyl toys, PVC roofing, and plumbing pipes, contain a significant amount of recycled vinyl. Also, glass is an infinitely recyclable material, as are certain metals used for window hardware. Discarded vinyl windows generate little waste in landfills if disposed of properly.

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