Vinyl siding requires minimal maintenance, but this shouldn’t be confused with “no maintenance”. One of the questions we are often asked is whether or not vinyl siding requires special cleaning products. Siding and replacement windows contractor Woodbridge Home Exteriors shares an overview of a typical vinyl siding cleaning process.

Cleaning Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is typically cleaned by using a garden hose to wash the most visible areas. Hose the water in a downward direction so that it doesn’t get into the siding overlaps. Hosing the siding down should be enough, however, there may be tight areas where dust and dirt are not easily removed.

While there are siding cleaning products that you can find on grocery shelves, try the following first: for every four gallons of water, add a quarter cup of dish soap and mix well. We recommend using plant-friendly dish soap if your siding is close to your landscaping. After hosing the siding down, dip a long-handled brush into the cleaning solution and scrub those hard-to-reach-corners. Once they’re cleaned, rinse the siding using the same downward direction.

Do You Need Commercially Available Cleaning Products?

In most cases, all you need to clean your siding is how we described it earlier. However, there may be certain conditions that may require additional cleaning products. Mold and mildew, for example, may grow in shaded areas. These areas can be cleaned using a product like Simple Green®, or a mixture of 70% water and 30% white vinegar. Avoid using a power washer or a strong substance like bleach, as it could do more harm than good to your siding.

Additionally, make it a point to wipe the glass on your entry door and windows right after you clean your siding to avoid water spots. These spots get more difficult to remove the longer they stay on your windows.

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