protect home during renovations

A home renovation is an exciting endeavor. Whether it involves replacing your current windows or upgrading your existing siding, you can be sure that such a project will boost your home’s aesthetics and functionality. Then again, this opens your property up to various dangers. Precarious conditions, dangerous equipment, fragmented structures, and unsecured property can lead to potential theft, fires, and accidental injuries.

Woodbridge Home Solutions provides tips on securing your home during a renovation.

Perform a Background Check on Your Chosen Contractor

Picking the contractor is probably the most important aspect of a home renovation project. Before you agree to work with the pros and sign on the dotted line, ensure they are properly insured and have not been charged with a crime. Confirm the contractor’s business standing by quickly searching the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website. Also, check if it has adequate liability and workers’ compensation.

Secure Your Home Against Theft

A siding installation project won’t always leave your home vulnerable, but it is possible if you pursue a large-scale home renovation. Mitigate the threat of potential intruders by investing in temporary motion sensors and alarms. Make sure they are functional during the project and whenever the workers leave. This is especially important if you are to relocate temporarily because of the ongoing construction.

Protect Your Home Against Fires

Renovations often involve new electrical wiring and materials known to combust immediately if not handled carefully. With these in mind, you must keep enough fire extinguishers in each part of the home, particularly on the worksite. While construction is taking place, be sure that your home’s fire alarm system is still intact. Also, arrange to have the work zone cleaned after each day, removing any flammable material.

Professional Home Exterior Renovation

Woodbridge Home Solutions is your local home renovation company for your needs. We consistently provide top-rate workmanship, installing durable, energy-efficient products like vinyl siding and replacement windows. Expect us to protect your home and ensure the safety of everyone.



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