Are you planning to have a major exterior renovation project for your residential property? You have to make sure that you have taken all necessary considerations first. Yes, including your neighbors. Remember, you are not only installing replacement windows but you will have a huge construction project at home. This will undoubtedly affect your neighbors as well.

Imagine waking up early in the morning to loud hammering or you want to take your car out but huge trucks are blocking your way. Also, there’s potential dust everywhere. Wouldn’t you feel stressed and a bit put out? When doing a huge renovation project then, you might want to be considerate of your neighbors to avoid any kind of tension. Keep in mind these tips:

Inform your neighbor about the construction

Before starting the renovation project, give your neighbors a heads up. This way, they can expect all the noise, dirt, and other types of inconvenience and will be subsequently prepared for it.

Know the rules in your district

Check out if there are building renovation restrictions in your area. Make sure to secure permits and other necessary documents before starting the project. You can also ask professional contractors like window installers or roof deck contractors if they can help you with the process.

Check the parking ordinance

Huge trucks may need to go to your place during the construction process. Make sure that you check if parking on the streets near your place is legal or not. You have to make sure that vehicles don’t block streets and driveways.

Talk to professionals

Talk to your contractor. This isn’t their first rodeo, so they’ll be in a great position to help you figure out what to and what not to do during the renovation process to keep the peace with your neighbors.

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