Brown wooden ceiling

Soffits and fascia may look like minor components compared to the other parts of a roofing system, but they are nevertheless important. In our latest remodeling guide, the exterior siding contractors from Woodbridge Home Solutions look closely at these two elements of a complete roof.


Soffits are the boards that cover the overhanging gap between the top of the exterior wall and the rafter tails. Besides adding a finished look, soffits protect this gap from being accessed by birds, insects, and small animals. More importantly, soffits are a part of the attic ventilation system. As hot air rises and is vented through ridge vents or exhaust fans, the soffits serve as the air intake vents. The continuous airflow keeps hot and moist air out of the attic, preventing such problems as moisture-related damage to the roofing structure.


Fascia is the vertical board that covers the rafter tails, which creates a finished look like the soffits. Gutters are typically hung using brackets or spikes onto the fascia boards installed along the roof edge. As part of the roofing structure, roofing and home siding contractors recommend choosing the thickest and strongest fascia board that your budget will allow. It must carry the weight of full gutters, which can be critical in a heavy downpour.

Soffit and Fascia Materials

Soffits can be made from aluminum, wood, or vinyl. At Woodbridge Home Solutions, we offer vinyl soffit because it requires minimal maintenance and is not as vulnerable to the effects of heat and moisture. Fascia is offered by contractors in various materials, such as aluminum, composite, and fiber cement, as well as traditional wood boards. Vinyl fascia has the perfect balance between cost, performance, and maintenance requirements.

Woodbridge Home Solutions is your leading provider of soffit and fascia replacement and siding repair services. Our products are made of impact-resistant vinyl resin, which is exceptionally resistant to dents and scratches.

They also have exceptionally long expected life spans and are rust, rot, and insect-resistant. We are confident of their long-term performance that we back both soffits and fascias with our lifetime transferable warranty on both material and installation.