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A siding installation project can add to your home’s beauty and functionality. For this project to be successful, a lot of things must be considered, including the type of siding material and the estimated amount needed to cover the entire exterior wall area.

Woodbridge Home Exteriors, one of the top siding and window installers in the local area, shares the various factors that go with finding how much siding is needed for this particular home improvement project.

Working with a Professional

Rather than pursuing a do-it-yourself approach for this home improvement project to save cost, it would make more sense to let a siding installation expert do everything for you. After all, taking measurements provide varied outcomes, considering there are different siding profiles available.

For example, for a clapboard or panel siding, the square feet is determined by multiplying the length and height of the entire exterior wall. A shingle siding profile, meanwhile, involves a different type of measurement. In both instances, however, the square footage of the replacement windows and doors are also taken into account during calculations.

Other Considerations

The siding layout depends on the profile you selected. Siding profiles like clapboards and shaped panels require a well-thought layout given how each piece tend to overlap. Some panels, however, can simply be butted together, making calculations easier.

The trim is also something to consider in calculating the amount of siding. It is, in fact, an integral component of your home’s exterior as it protects the siding from moisture and insects that have the potential to destroy the material. Often made of wood, vinyl, or fiber cement, the trim is installed on all corners and on the fascia.

Ensure flawless installation with the help of the siding pros from Woodbridge Home Exteriors. The small details, from using nails for security to caulking joints and trim, can go a long way in making sure the siding is correctly installed. It also helps that the same pros are likewise capable of installing other exterior home components like replacement windows and doors.

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