The window and door hardware finish add a flair of color and “pop” to your home’s aesthetic. Sure, you may want a simple, no-nonsense color to accentuate the metallic parts of your home. Still, why settle for one when you have a selection of shiny stuff to apply to your hardware?

Woodbridge Home Solutions is one of the experts in choosing suitable finishes for your windows and doors. Here are some of our choices:


Bronze is a traditional finish and thus paired well with a house with shades of natural, “earthy” tones. These are homes with a touch of brown, yellow, or green or those employing wooden floors. A bronze finish often goes great with Victorian-inspired dwellings or hipper, Arts & Crafts era homes.


The bright sheen of brass is often a staple in Colonial-era homes, which were prevalent in the middle of the ‘90s. Brass is often the most common, making it appropriate for any house and architecture. For example, brass would not look out of place if you have a house with chandeliers or French patio doors.


Chrome is a more modern, utilitarian finish. There are two subdivisions of chrome—bright chrome and satin chrome.

Bright chrome is more apt for homes with Art Deco-inspired decor or contemporary in the ‘20s. Meanwhile, satin chrome fits a utilitarian and industrial vibe, making it best for homes with modern or postmodern properties.

Whatever the style, chrome’s mirror-like finish arrests the eye, which makes it a poor choice for houses painted in bright colors. When using chrome finishes, pair them with neutral paint.

Your siding, windows, and exterior doors are in good hands with Woodbridge Home Solutions. Reach out to learn more about how we can improve your home’s appearance. Our experts will provide a free consultation to help you determine the best hardware finishes for your home.


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