There’s a lot to look forward to when the seasons change but there can also be a number of things to dread. Unfortunately, where doors and old vinyl windows are concerned, for example, certain issues become more pronounced in winter.

These issues include:


Moisture can cause frames to warp, distorting the shape of doors and windows. In winter, this can come in the form of water in the frames expanding and freezing, causing a door or window to get stuck when closed or be to not fit into its frame when being closed. Unfortunately, once a frame has warped, it cannot be restored, thus needing to be replaced.


Doors and windows are designed to form seals around their openings when they are closed. However, over time, weatherstripping can succumb to wear and tear, resulting in faulty seals that give rise to drafts. You’ll definitely notice this in winter because it may take your HVAC system longer to achieve your desired, toasty indoor temperature. This is because heated indoor air is leaking out while cold outdoor air is finding a way in. Worn-out weatherstripping can be fixed but if the problem is too extensive, you should get replacement doors and energy-efficient windows instead.

Door and window replacement during winter? 

It’s possible! 

You just have to make sure that you’re working with an expert contractor to ensure all the season-related challenges of your replacement project are addressed properly.

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