Windows help enhance your home’s style and personality. After all, they are featured prominently in any structure, especially when seen from the outside. From the inside, they effectively frame the outdoor view while complementing the surrounding interior elements.

It is important, therefore, that in pursuing a home addition, you must make sure the new windows you’ll be getting match well with the others. Local window company Woodbridge Home Exteriors shares some factors to consider.

Size and Placement

Before choosing the style of windows you want for the home addition, see to it that you take note of their size and placement. Match the windows’ height, size and spacing in the original structure, taking into account proportion or patterns of divided light and using the front of your home as the basis.

Energy Efficiency

Having single-pane windows in your home doesn’t mean you have to stick to it when looking for windows for your home addition. Remember that today’s products have at least another pane of glass in them, which makes them twice as efficient. You can find energy-efficient double hung replacement windows in the market, complete with insulating argon gas between the panes and low-emissivity glass coatings that prevent heat transfer.


Apart from energy efficiency, ease of maintenance is one of the biggest improvements seen in today’s windows. Some windows today can be tilted in, which means you can wash both sides of the window pane from the inside. Consider this mechanism when searching for the best units for your home addition. Also, double-pane windows no longer require secondary windows added to the outside to protect from drafts and inclement weather.

At Woodbridge Home Exteriors, we offer carefully crafted, high-performance vinyl replacement windows. They have energy-saving features to help minimize heat transfer, keeping your interior comfortable throughout the year without relying much on your HVAC system for heating and cooling.

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