Thanks to improvements in manufacturing techniques, replacement windows with slim frames and large glass areas are becoming more popular. Woodbridge Home Exteriors shares a closer look at these and other up-and-coming window and door trends this year.

Dark Frame Colors

White has been the window frame color of choice for homeowners for the longest time. With aesthetic considerations shifting to bolder designs with stark contrasts, dark colors are becoming a trend. You may have not noticed it, but dark surroundings allow the eye to focus on the center of the viewing area. This is why televisions and most smartphones have dark frames. It has the same effect when used as window frames, especially when set against the light-colored siding.

Many homeowners are concerned about choosing dark frames for their new windows. Generally speaking, dark surfaces absorb heat, which can be detrimental to a home’s energy efficiency. Additionally, dark window frames may have the same effect. Thanks to the energy ratings that come with every replacement window, you can choose a well-insulated window frame with dark colors. Choose replacement windows with low Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC).

Large Windows

There are many benefits to having windows with large glass areas, such as increased natural light and better views. Modern manufacturing technologies allow manufacturers to build slim frames without compromising the structure, ease of operation, or weight-bearing capabilities. This, in turn, allows contractors like us to offer replacement windows with such options. With more homeowners choosing slim window frames for their homes, this trend shows no sign of dropping.

Smart Door Locks

Speaking of technologies, smart door locks are becoming more commonplace as homeowners are seeing their benefits. In addition to features such as remote unlock, you can also program smart door locks with disposable entry codes for guests as well as live video monitoring. Smart door locks can be integrated into existing smart home systems and are compatible with existing entry doors.

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