Windows are a key element in keeping your home beautiful, secure and comfortable. So when it’s time to replace them, delays should be kept to a minimum. Unfortunately, there are still some misconceptions about the window replacement process that are keeping homeowners from maximizing the benefits of new windows.

In this article, Woodbridge Home Exteriors uncovers the truths behind the three most widely-believed window replacement myths.

Myth #1: A new window won’t do much for your home’s energy efficiency.

This does hold some truth, since replacing your windows won’t single-handedly improve your home’s energy efficiency. However, it’s also a fact that a large percentage of wasted energy is mainly due to drafty windows. Needless to say, windows are a crucial element when it comes to keeping your home energy-efficient. New windows, especially those approved by ENERGY STAR®, can reportedly save you up to $500 annually on heating and cooling costs.

Myth #2: Summer is the best time to replace your windows.

Summer is the best time for certain activities and projects, but window replacement isn’t one of them. If you’re planning on doing any exterior renovations such as window replacement, siding installation or roofing, consider scheduling it during the fall season when it’s not too cold nor too hot.

Myth #3: Window replacement takes a long time and causes further damage to your home.

One of the main purposes of replacing your windows is to improve your home, not ruin it. A reputable window installer will make sure that the replacement gets done efficiently and in the shortest time possible, causing no trouble to you or your home. Most window replacement projects don’t take long, but it really depends on the scope of the project.

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