Adding a bold color to your home’s exterior can go either of two ways. One, it can bring a unique touch or a head-turning appeal. Or two, it can make your home’s curb appeal look tacky and attract negative attention.

Surely, you’d want to avoid the latter. So take note of these reminders from Woodbridge Home Exteriors, one of the most trusted window installers in the area, if you’re keen on using a bold color for your home’s exterior.

Take the Entire Home Exterior into Account

The front of your home may be the only area seen by passersby, but this shouldn’t be an excuse for you to neglect the back and sides of your home. When selecting a bold color, consider how this will look on every side of your home’s exterior. Remember that you can’t simply leave the back and sides in neutral colors as this may give off an unfinished look.


If you’re using the bold color as accent, consider how it would match the color of your siding. If you’re changing the color of your front door or getting replacement windows, you might want to get the same color for other exterior details or create a color palette. You can use the color wheel as a guide in selecting colors for your palette. This way, you can ensure the hues are in harmony and will make your home’s curb appeal look pleasant.

Use It on Decorative Details

Bold colors are usually best used in accent pieces such as the front door and shutters. The best thing about this is that changing the color of these details is quick, easy and affordable. You only have to invest a little time and money for this simple project, but the result can bring so much difference to your home’s exterior.

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