Choosing the patio doors that appeal to you the most is the fastest way to find what you need. To make the most of this investment, however, you need to consider not just the doors’ appearance but also their durability, ease of maintenance, and other benefits such as energy efficiency.


Today, Woodbridge Home Solutions, one of the leading window, door, and siding companies in the area, discusses the various considerations before you purchase your patio doors.

Taking Measurements

Measuring the area where you want your new patio doors to be installed is something you shouldn’t overlook. In addition to helping you narrow down your options, this important step will also give you an idea of what patio door style is the best fit for your home. If you are going to replace your old patio doors, start by taking down the door frame’s horizontal and vertical measurements.

Choosing the Patio Door Material

Like entry doors, patio doors are also available in several different materials, including wood, aluminum, steel, vinyl, and fiberglass. Each one has its benefits and drawbacks, so you must work with a door and siding replacement contractor to help you make the right pick. Regardless of your choice, your patio doors should either have large or multiple smaller glass panels to establish a stunning visual transition between your indoor and outdoor living areas.

Selecting the Patio Door Style

When it comes to patio door styles, two often come to mind—French doors and sliding doors. Traditional French doors exude an elegance that’s befitting any traditional home architecture while sliding doors have large glass panels that move along a track for a more modern touch. Before you choose the style, you have to consider the available space and the desired privacy levels.

Turn to Woodbridge Home Solutions for your patio door needs. You can be certain your new doors will impress for years to come because they’re designed and engineered for superior durability and long-lasting performance. Our Woodbridge Classic sliding, hinged, and French patio doors are some of the best in the industry, providing your home aesthetic value, enhanced security, and energy efficiency.

Count on us to install vinyl siding and windows as well. Call us today at (316) 226-8011 or fill out our contact form to request a free estimate.


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