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Sliding patio doors are among the best accessories you can have for a patio. They’re unobtrusive and can also save you some space, giving you leeway for whatever else you have in mind to decorate your outdoor area.

Some people, however, do not fully understand the benefits of sliding patio doors. Woodbridge Home Exteriors, one of the premier window and siding companies in Texas, debunks some of the most persistent myths about them in this article.

Myth #1: Sliding Patio Doors Don’t Look Good

Sliding patio doors used to look plain, even drab. Fortunately, new manufacturing techniques have made sliding patio doors sturdier, allowing for slimmer frames without compromising the strength of the panels. They also utilize various materials, like aluminum, wood, vinyl, and composites, either by themselves or in combination with each other.

In the case of vinyl, colors are also baked into the material itself. While some materials need paint or coating to make them look great, vinyls don’t fade or chip.

Myth #2: Sliding Patio Doors Get Stuck

Again, this is a misconception rooted in the past. Sliding patio doors and replacement windows now have high-performing tracks and sliding mechanisms, which minimize friction. These tracks are also low maintenance, which makes them less susceptible to dirt build-up that may hinder the mechanism.

Plus, modern patio doors—whether sliding or swinging—are lighter than their predecessors. This doesn’t put so much weight on the tracks, preventing the door from settling on them due to gravity.

Myth #3: Sliding Patio Doors Leak When It Rains

Anything that’s not secured, whether windows or doors, will leak when it rains. Make sure you close the door tightly and the unit is rated for the weather in your area. Have them checked by a window or patio door company like ours if you feel that the doors are coming loose.

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